Eco Team

FINAL What is climate change & biodiversity loss.pdf
FINAL How to reduce your carbon footprint.pdf
FINAL WFV Leaflet 1.pdf
FINAL Tiny Forest leaflet.pdf
FINAL What is COP26.pdf

Here are some links to useful websites for you:

  1. Simple carbon footprint calculator. Find out how you need to reduce your footprint (aim for ca. 50% reduction by 2030) and make a plan to do it.

  2. Simple tips to reduce your footprint:

  3. Eco-Congregation Scotland website which has lots of interesting information (Banchory West is a registered member). You can sign up for up-to-date news and information:

  4. Briefing on COP26 from Eco-Congregation Scotland:

  5. Deeside CAN website for more local projects and information: