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World Church

Team Leader: Jenny Smith
The World Church Team aims to help us all become more aware of the worldwide family of Jesus Christ, to which we belong.  

Your browser may not support display of this image.We have a vibrant and very active partnership with the Presbyterian Urban Health Services, in Aba, in S.E. Nigeria.  A  clinic provides primary health care for a large urban slum community. 

We have organised all sorts of fundraising events (sponsored bike rides, auctions, buy a brick...) which have been great fun and have meant that the facilities at the clinic have been improved. It has been wonderful to see how the generosity of our congregation has enabled the dedicated staff in Aba to make a real difference to the lives of so many needy people. We are now working with the staff as a new purpose built clinic is being built which will offer a wider range of facilities.

Many of us have visited Aba and experienced an exceptionally warm African welcome. Several people from Aba have also visited us in Banchory.  Through personal links and friendships, we have a strong ongoing partnership.  The Staff and Governors of the clinic are people of great faith and integrity and we have learnt a great deal from each other.  

For the full story, look at our web site.... 

As well as our Aba partnership, we are involved in all sorts of other issues, including;

  • Support for past and present members of our Church family who are serving overseas,
  • Guild projects,
  • Church of Scotland HIV/AIDS project,
  • Prayer for the World,
  • Christian Aid,
  • Fairtrade.

Click below to download an article on Sustainability. 

If you would like to be involved in the World Church Team in any way, please let me know! 

Tony Stephen,
19 Nov 2014, 06:42