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Fabric, Finance and Facilities

Team Leader: Ian Mechie

3Fs is the team which keeps the church buildings and facilities running.  We look after the maintenance of the buildings and the grounds; we ensure that the church is open, heated and lit when it needs to be; we ensure that there are sufficient funds to pay the church employees and all the other bills.  What we do isn’t glamorous and generally isn’t noticed until it’s not done.  You could summarise it all as housekeeping. 

We want our buildings to be as good as they can be for meaningful worship, to be as supportive as possible for the church family and to facilitate outreach to our community.  We are custodians for the time being of the buildings which people before us cherished and which we hope to pass on in even better condition.

We aren’t a big team and we always welcome new members.  You don’t have to be good at woodwork, plumbing, glazing, mending fuses, replacing light bulbs, fire safety, audio visual equipment, electrical installation, drains, heating, painting & decorating, spring cleaning, grass cutting, carpet laying, furniture moving or shifting pianos – or at least, not all of them!  You just need a heart for it.

And if you haven’t already guessed, 3Fs is short for “Fabric, Finance & Facilities”.
For more details contact the church office.