Prayer on the Streets (POTS)

Prayer is the language of faith. Jesus taught us how to pray; he modelled prayer in his own earthly life by rising early and spending time alone in the hills in prayer; and he encouraged his disciples to ask for anything in his Name and expect answers.

Prayer is the lifeblood of the church, and it goes on in Banchory throughout the week, in every church, in various forms.

Since spring 2009, on the third Saturday morning of the month, believers from various denominations in Banchory gather in and in front of Banchory West Church to offer prayer for anyone who asks for it. We are happy to pray sitting outside on the bench in the sun, or sitting inside in the Welcome Area. A banner flutters on the corner of the High Street, proclaiming Healing, and we see that as healing in its widest sense. In other words, healing might be physical, emotional, spiritual, or indeed it may facilitate reconciliation and forgiveness.

We don’t pretend to have answers, but we do know Someone who does. So in humility and service we just offer a place of peace, of reflection, an opportunity to share a problem or to sit in quiet contemplation. We are happy to accept written prayer requests, and offer them up to God on behalf of others.

From 10 am to noon, on the third Saturday, a table is spread with hot drinks and biscuits, and we are delighted to meet anyone who wants to share a drink and engage in conversation. The church doors are open; praise music invites folks to see that the church is, in fact, a place of life, and Christians are (for the most part!) normal people.

If you would like to be involved, please speak to Ian Davy (824498) or Michele Morrison  (811533), or just come along and join us.