Guide to Giving

Please give where possible by a Bankers Standing Order and fill in a Gift Aid form
This helps us to budget, and increases the value of your donation by 25% at no cost to you.
Forms available from the office.  01330 822006
Correspondence: Treasurer, Church Office, High Street, Banchory, AB31 5TB

Our bank details are: Clydesdale Bank, 38 High Street, Banchory, AB31 5SR
Sort Code 82-61-00

There are two funds that you may want to direct your donation to (see below):
General Fund Account Number 00135126
And we have a Local Ministry Fund - a designated fund for our Joint Youth Project and Youth Co-ordinator
Local Ministry Fund Account Number 60138887

Gift Aid - Under this scheme, charities benefit by an additional 25% from the taxman on all giving by income tax payers who make their giving gift aided.  Over the last few years, encouraging more of our members who pay income tax to make their giving gift aided has enabled us to increase significantly the amount we can reclaim under Gift Aid, at no cost to the members.  This is something we give thanks for.

Local Ministry Fund - You may be aware that Banchory West Church is required to pay a portion of our income to the national Church of Scotland, our Mission & Ministries Contribution.  This is effectively a re-distribution scheme that enables congregations like ours to support churches who can’t afford to pay the full amount of their minister’s salary.  Banchory West Church’s contribution to this fund is some 59% of income, which in 2015 will be £76,097.  We are pleased to be able to contribute in this way.  However the Church of Scotland does not want this contribution to unnecessarily stifle local mission initiatives. 

To encourage local mission initiatives the Church of Scotland has offered the facility to reduce our Mission & Ministry Contribution and allow more of your giving to be used locally whilst still maximising our Gift Aid claim.   We qualify for this facility because we sponsor the Banchory Joint Youth Project (Youth Co-ordinator, Rookies, The Rock and The Edge) and the Church of Scotland has offered to reduce our Mission & Mission Contribution to offset the investment we make in this vital work.  We estimate that the Youth Project costs around 25% of our annual expenditure in salary & running costs.  We have been advised to set up a designated Local Ministry Fund to      resource it so that the accounts for the Youth Project can be separate from the general church accounts and thereby eligible to benefit from gift aided giving.  If around 25% or more of our offerings were to be directed to the Local Ministry Fund this would result in a significant reduction in our Mission & Ministry expenditure, a reduction in our overall expenditure, with an increased proportion of your offerings remaining locally to be used in local mission.  This would be a more efficient use of funds.

To help us take advantage of this facility we would invite you to confirm that, as a regular giver, you would like your giving to Banchory West Church to be split between the General Fund and the Local Ministry Fund.  We would suggest 75% to the General Fund and 25% to the Local Ministry Fund, the split which is optimal at the present time.  However, you are free to give in any proportion you think appropriate.   We appreciate deeply any amount that you are able to give. 

Please request the appropriate forms from the church officeOnce again, thank you for all that you give in so many ways towards the life and witness of Banchory West Church.

All our church funds are managed by the Kirk Session
Scottish Charity SCO03306